About me

Who am I?

On the internet, I’m known as @youtous. I’m a passionate engineer by computer science, believing that our society can be improved by my technical field. I share my work in open source and I like participative made solutions; I’m against retention of knowledge.

IT is a great field which should remain servicing humanity and improving our quality of life without degrading our planet, social rights, and should not be used against any human. There are ethics questions about any job, and I’m believing that any conscientious engineer should think his work from a “philosophe” point of view. We should remain aware of the changes happening in our environment and work for a better place to live.

I like to participate in debates where ideas are shared and exchanged.

Working domains

Since years, I’ve specialized myself in learning to build good architectures for software and systems. When container technologies have emerged, I liked the idea to push at the limits the way a product can be delivered in almost any system.

I work on several projects, which can be categorized as it follows

  • infrastructure: cloud providers, ansible, docker (and associated clusters), log management, quality of the data and quality of service
  • web development: front and back, I can build a modern application according to the standard models and trends
  • security: audit, monitoring and policies - I like to deploy and work in a secure place.

hackernews is one of my favorite sources of inspirations for my work.

Still curious?

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